Affordable CFast 2.0 cards for Canon 1D X Mark II 4K 60p video

canon 1dx mark ii 4k 60p video

There is actually CFast 2.0 card for Canon 1D X Mark II 4K 60p video for a reasonable price if you can still find one. There is also some no-name CFast 2.0 cards on AliExpress and some other places. But I am not so sure about long-term usage. Because memory inside CFast cards, depending on technology, can become slower over time. Although I will be happy to try them and be wrong. I will tell you about branded CFast 2.0 card that can record 4K 60p video of Canon 1D X Mark II and doesn’t cost a fortune. Well, at least price was amazing when I bought three of them.

It is Transcend CFast 2.0 256GB CFX600. Do not confuse this card with newer CFX650. CFX650 is top of the game card with a high price. CFX650 is a replacement for CFX600 and that is why the older card is known as not fast enough. But come on, every CFast 2.0 card is super fast. How bad can be slowest of the fastest memory cards? Transcend CFX600 card received a bad reputation. Probably because it was not enough for some Ursa cameras. I am guessing this.

CFX600 for Canon 1D X Mark II

canon 1d x mark ii transcend cfx600 cfast 1dx mark Ii

Canon 1D X Mark II request lot of speed for 4K 60p video, but actually not that much in the world of CFast 2.0 cards. Whole 4k 60p file with video and audio takes 830-850 Mbps or about 105 MB/s. I had faster CF cards in the days of 5D Mark III RAW video and this speeds shouldn’t be a problem for CFast cards. But you cannot use fast CF cards for 4k 50/60p video on Canon 1D X Mark II.

I ordered three Transcend CFX600 256GB CFast 2.0 cards. Without any confirmation that cards will be enough for Canon 1D X Mark II 60p video. Only one lonely comment somewhere on Amazon suggested that cards were tested on 1D X Mark for 60p 4K video. But theory says that everything will be OK. Super expensive CFast 2.0 cards can record close to 400 MB/s or more and I needed little bit above 100 MB/s.

How fast is Transcend CFX600 256GB CFast 2.0?

Transcend 256GB CFast CFX600 Real memory cards speed

As it happens, Transcend CFX600 256GB CFast 2.0 are more than enough for 1D X Mark II. Actually, the card can record 2.5x faster than 4K 60p video from 1D X Mark II. Because card can write 260-270 MB/s. Even with eventual degradation of the chip(s) inside, there is a lot to spare until we get down to around 110 MB/s. Which is enough for Canon 1D X Mark II. And this probably will never happen. Because not every flash storage chip has some or any degradation.

In two separate purchase, I bought two used and one new CFX600 CFast 2.0 256GB Cards from Amazon UK. All of three cards I paid 450€. Yes, combined. That is the crazy good price. I there was more left behind me at that time, but not much. Only one CFast 2.0 256GB card can cost 300-400€. Amazon UK doesn’t have this cards anymore and it is obvious that Transcend end production. But it is worth to search the whole web for this cards. Because if you this card in someone stock, it is possible that price is going to be very good. Compared to other CFast 2.0 cards. Especially if you need this cards for Canon 1D X Mark II. Which is a camera that doesn’t need all of the speeds of CFast 2.0 cards.

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