Easy way to buy cheap SanDisk genuine memory cards

cheap sandisk

This is not an ad for SanDisk or eBay. I never had personal or professional connections with those companies. I am going to show you an easy way to find cheap SanDisk memory cards. Bear in mind that not all us are able to order some black Friday best deal cards from BH Photo or Amazon. Because not everybody lives in the USA. Shipping outside the USA will nullify what you can save on some deals. Often, shipping outside the USA is not possible at all.

eBay is here to save you. But you can find a lot of fake cards on eBay, you will say. And you are right. There is a lot of fake products on eBay, but there is also a lot of genuine products. An easy way to find genuine cheap SanDisk cards on eBay is to search “SanDisk refurbished.” For some reason, there is a lot of refurbished cheap SanDisk memory cards on eBay. Those cards are genuine, I check many of them. And why somebody would put so much effort to make a fake card and then put a refurbished sign. That will lower the price.

Refurbished means used and then made like new by the manufacturer. And if you want to buy new memory cards, you will be OK. Because I bought many of cards this way and every single one looks like new. There is visible “Refurbished” imprint, but other than that, everything looks like new. These cards are probably returned to SanDisk. You are not getting original packaging which is not a big deal for a memory card.

Older cheap SanDisk doesn’t mean worse

You will not find the latest memory cards this way. But you can still find pretty quick one if you combine words “extreme” and “pro” in your search. There can be positive and negative sides of using an older memory card. For example, I have to use very old Canon 550D as a backup. I had Transcend U3 64GB SD card and even faster SanDisk U1 64GB Extreme Pro card. With Transcend I wasn’t able to install Magic Lantern. There is a problem with updating firmware and new U3 cards (I guess). With SanDisk U1 card I was able to install and use Magic Lantern. The card was older and better recognized by the old camera.

On the other hand, Sony a6300 didn’t want to record higher bitrate 4K video on SanDisk U1 card. Despite this card offers 7x more writing speed then 100mbps 4k a6300 video. Transcend worked fine, despite it is an actually slower card then SanDisk. But Sony requested U3 card, without bothering with actual speeds.

If you are asking about the quality consistency of this cards, I can say that I bought 5-6 cards this way. Only one of them was a bit slower then I expect. But because it was SanDisk Extreme microSD, it was still much faster than any drone or action camera need. And even today I can put this card in any 4k 60p drone or needy 360-degree camera and have much performance to spare. I even get a full refund for that card, despite I was only asking for the partial refund.

Bottom line is if you need cheap, genuine, fast cards, that will be shipped fast for the same price all around the globe, you should search for “SanDisk refurbished” on eBay.

Thank you for reading.

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