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  • Canon C100 vs 1D X Mark II for video use

    canon c100 vs 1d x mark ii

    Let’s compare Canon C100 vs 1D X Mark II for video use. This is not going to be a comparison with 400% zoomed video of tree branches, or lifting dark shadows near a bright window. I will say straight away that Canon C100 will give better-looking video compared to 1D X Mark II. But that […]

  • Can you record 4K 60p Canon 1D X Mark II video on CF card?

    This is a legitime question and Canon 1D X Mark II manual says no. But is that true? And if you can record 60p video, how long clips can be? You can record 25p or 30p 4K video on CF cards. That is no surprise, considering that Canon 5D Mark IV has CF slot and […]

  • Affordable CFast 2.0 cards for Canon 1D X Mark II 4K 60p video

    canon 1dx mark ii 4k 60p video

    There is actually CFast 2.0 card for Canon 1D X Mark II 4K 60p video for a reasonable price if you can still find one. There is also some no-name CFast 2.0 cards on AliExpress and some other places. But I am not so sure about long-term usage. Because memory inside CFast cards, depending on […]

  • Memory cards real speed

    This will be a short blog post about real speed of few different memory cards. You should know that it is not easy to find memory cards real speed. Manufacturers often put maximal speed on the package. With the notice that speed is not always achievable. My experience is that those speeds are true, but […]

  • Transcend products are very, very good


    This is not an ad. I have no business or personal connection with Transcend company. I never met or spoke with anyone from this company. Through all my career I used some Transcend product and never have a single problem. Considering that Transcend offers fair prices, I wanted to share my positive experience. First time […]