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  • Canon C100 vs 1D X Mark II for video use

    canon c100 vs 1d x mark ii

    Let’s compare Canon C100 vs 1D X Mark II for video use. This is not going to be a comparison with 400% zoomed video of tree branches, or lifting dark shadows near a bright window. I will say straight away that Canon C100 will give better-looking video compared to 1D X Mark II. But that […]

  • I had to modify my Crane 2 gimbal to use with 1D X Mark II

    New Zhiyun Crane 2 (do not confuse with old v2 – an improved version of the first generation) can handle 3.2kg of a load. Canon 1D X Mark II with battery and card weights 1.53kg. That means we have a whopping 1.67kg spare for the lens and microphone. Which means almost any EF lens. Right? […]