Transcend products are very, very good


This is not an ad. I have no business or personal connection with Transcend company. I never met or spoke with anyone from this company.

Through all my career I used some Transcend product and never have a single problem. Considering that Transcend offers fair prices, I wanted to share my positive experience. First time I bought Transcend memory cards was a budget-wise decision. But after that, I pick them because I wanted.

I had two 32GB SD Class 10 cards for Canon 600D for serious needs and never had a problem. Many years later these cards were able to handle 100mbps 4k video from Panasonic LX100.

After that, I got four used 600x 32GB with my Canon 5D Mark III. Never had a single problem.

Because my LX100 was going between files very slowly, I bought faster 64GB U3 Transcend SD cards. Two of them. But I didn’t get better results on LX100 compared to 32GB Class 10 cards. LX100 was just slow to list 4k clips during playback no matter what card you use. Later I used this 64GB on my Canon C100, in both slots, and never have an issue.

Before all that, I bought Transcend 2.5″ HDD enclosure. I changed so many HDDs and never had a problem with that enclosure. Despite it was often used with open electronics. Enclosure survived and never had a single HDD failure.

Transcend to save 1D X Mark II

Finally, I bought cheaper (considering other CFast 2.0 cards) CFX600 256GB CFast 2.0 cards to use on my 1D X Mark II. Two of them used and one new. Everything suggested that cards are not going to be enough for 4K 60p video. But one sentence in some lonely Amazon review, my experience with previous CF cards and perfect Transcend reputation with me was enough. I invested a lot of money despite I wasn’t able to easily return cards in case of low performance. But once again, Transcend product put a smile on my face. I will add to this list Transcend CFast 2.0 reader. Not so cheap, but still cheaper than any branded solution. I will write about this cards and 1D X Mark II in a separate post.

I am secure with Transcend cards. That is possibly most important aspect of any equipment. Especially if you are doing a lot of run-n-gun documentary work like me and you are not able to switch cards and make backups. Sandisk and (now dead) Lexar was always like the first brands I was checking. But often I end up with Transcend because of lower prices and at least equal performance. Or even better. And through years I feel nothing but reliability from this medium priced, fast cards.

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